Dot, dot, dot… painting

Wassily Kandinsky, a great artist and a pioneer of his time, said that “Everything starts from a dot”. That’s so true! It’s amazing to think that plenty of artists’ pasterpieces start from just a… dot.
Dots are an effective and interesting art component and there are many ways to make them. Did you know that dot painting is a traditional type of Art of the Aborigines, the indigenous people who have developed across Australia for over 50,000 years?
In this article we will give you some clues about… dot painting! It’s a very easy setup.

What you need for Dot Painting:

  • Paper or canvas or… paper plates
  • Paint
  • Paint tray or plastic bowls for paint or an empty egg carton.
  • Cotton tips – ear buds (or we call them ear cleaners)
  • Pencil or a marker

You can draw anything you like, in our video you can see a flower, and then you place your cotton tip into a colour and start doting.
You can either have your own pattern, create whatever you can imagine. No rules, no structure, no guideline. Just lots of fun and creativity.

Have a try and draw your piece of Dot Painting and then send it to The Virtual Kids Gallery -> send your art section!


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