Girl With A Pearl Earring

Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring has captured the imaginations of art fans around the world.
With this painting the viewer is captured by the subject and believes they have caught her attention and caused her to turn her head.
There are a lot of intereting facts about this paiinting. Here we giv you some:

  • No one knows for sure who the girl is.
  • Speculation on her identity led to a novel, movie, and stage production.
  • The girl may be Vermeer’s daughter.
  • The girl in the painting may be an artist in her own right.
  • It’s been used on the cover of many art books,
  • Banksy turned it into a graffiti on a Bristol wall
  • Often Girl with a Pearl Earring is referred to as the Mona Lisa of the North.” This is partially because of the girl’s curious expression, and in part because of the mystery surrounding the piece itself.

At the moment this mysterious girl is housed in “Mauritshuis” an  art museum in The Hague, Netherlands.


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