How to publish your kids artworks at the virtual kids gallery

Publishing our kids art creations is a very sensitive subject. to control the process and ensure everything in our site is safe, we concluded that initially we will accept only photos sent by email. then we will evaluate and publish it to the virtual kids gallery.

To help us categorize each kid’s art, please follow these steps:

  1. take a photo of your kid’s artwork
  2. give a title to it
  3. send us a decription, a how to or anything you or your kid would like to express through that creation
  4. send us your kid’s first name or nickname. note, that for each kid, we would like to have a separate name. that will help the taxonomy of each kid’s art. we will not publish your email, your last name, your phone number or anything that we will reveal your true identity. we don’t even keep these personal data on our website to protect your identity even if there is a hacking attack or anything similar. even if kids have the same name, for example maria which is a very common name, internally to our database we will give usernames, like maria1, maria2 etc etc so somebody can follow a specific kid’s artwork.
  5. we need also the age of the kid when she/he created the artwork. for example, you could send us a drawing of maria when she was 5 years old, a drawing of maria when she was 7 years old. we will have categories separated by age, so somebody can search artworks based on that age.
  6. write your country, we will have a taxonomy based on countries too. this helps distinguish the different cultures.
  7. send all these to
  8. we know that not everybody of us is a computer expert but please try to keep the photos in a good resolution but not big file size to ensure we will get the email. also do not use capital letters in the subject of the email. many times these emails are labeled as spam.
  9. we will always reply to your email, sending also a link to your kid’s art page.
  10. we understand that everything your kid creates, even a line on a piece of paper is the best art creation for you. the same happens to us with our kids. that is why we will always publish everything and we will never judge if it is good or not.
  11. but we will not publish under these circumstances:
    a. if we find out the art you sent us is a copy from somewhere.
    b. if the artwork has offensive subject (sexual, violence, racist or anything similar material)
    c. if the one kid’s artwork is related to another kid’s artwork in a way to disgrace it. (one kid to make fun of another)
  12. we know very well, in the adults world there is little respect. but with the virtual kids gallery we want to teach all the kids to respect each other. maybe this will lead to a better world.

thank you,

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