Krasimir Metodiev


Krasimir Metodiev is a Bulgarian sculptor who knew he wanted to be an artist from a very early age, when he was just 7 years old. At the age of 16, after he visited a sculptor studio, he decided to be a sculptor! It was When he is working on an artwork, he always tries to sift out the essential things of his ideas, baring in mind how his work will be perceived after 200 years, for example.

Krasimir Metodiev

Why did you become a sculptor? Did you have this in mind when you were a kid?

When I was a kid I did not separate the visual arts in categories – sculpture, painting, graphics and so on. I mean, I understood the differences between them, but I did not feel it like something to choose from. The only sure thing that I have in mind then was that I want to be an artist. In my very early age I made primary paintings. The colors were very important for me then, as they are now. I decided, I was sure, that I want to become a sculptor when I was 16 years old after I came into a real sculpture studio.

Which piece of your artwork would you like to share with us?

“Trees In Love” is my favorite work which I have made until now. When I created it, and all other works from my “Trees” series, I was thinking about how much special is the wood material. And it is special, because it was alive! Then I decided not to make sculptures from wood, but to make sculptures of trees. Also I wanted to made a metaphor for the human, because I am convinced that art must be projection of the human cosmos. That is how “Trees” were created and I think that “Trees In Love” are the most pure work, as the love is in all its manifestations.

Krasimir Metodiev

Do you remember when you first realised you want to be an artist?

Yes, I remember this moment very clear and when I remember it is like was yesterday. I was seven years old and it was after I drew a drawing which I really liked.

Can you recall when you made your first piece of Art?

Not exactly the first. I see in my child drawings some of them about which I do not have many memories of their creation. So, I am not sure which was the first.

Is Art and an artwork… happy or sad?

Art and artwork can be happy and it can be sad, too. It is the same like each other work. It is the same like the life. And it can be in all nuances between these two poles. If it is only sad, or only happy there is something wrong then, I think. Of course, every artist tends to one of the poles (happiness or sadness) in different periods of her/his work. I prefer happiness, but sometimes sadness prevails. I think that sadness and happiness have to attend together in every art piece, in different proportion, as one is the counterpoint of the other. For me counterpoints are very important.

Krasimir Metodiev

Did any of your art teachers give you a tip that you still remember?

Oh, all of my teachers gave me a lot of tips and I remember most of them, may be all of them. All of my teachers were great and their tips and knowledge shaped me not only like an artist, but also like a personality, (including my family, of course).

When you make Art, what do you think?

About life and its miracle. Also, about the matter and the time. Very often I think about this how my work will be perceived after 200 years, for example. That often lands me and makes me to sift out the essential things in my ideas.

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