This is a copy of “Kythnos”, the title of the work by the Greek painter Stelios Anastasiades (1926-1991).

<<The case of Stelios Anastasiades is rare, because he is a painter who chose never to exhibit his works but also because his turbulent life is in itself a work of art. Painter, cook, actor, bohemian, cosmopolitan, marginal, with a life of fiction, he remained a genuine artist, following a single line in his life and art, away from schools and doctrines, galleries and technocrats. His monumental paintings of the Cycladic islands and rare portraits feature his work. Anastasiades favorite painter was the great Fernand Leger, a French painter, sculptor and a filmmaker whose atelier was in Paris. In Paris, Anastasiades was introduced to the artistic life of the French capital, came into contact with the currents of modern art and studied the great masters of renaissance in museums>>.

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