Steel art and Rafael Nadal statue

nadal statue
©Christophe Guibbaud/FFT

There are so many similarities between art an sports. It’s amazing how art is combined with sports, athletes regarded as artists, even artists are considered as athletes.

Artist Jordi Diez Fernandez is regarded as one of Spain’s best sculptors. He loves to work exclusively with stainless steel, a metal that provides luminosity, among many other qualities, and that turns his creations into an artistic novelty, admired by experts in figurative and contemporary art. He is the creator of the colossal statue of Rafael Nadal one of the greatest ever players in tenis.
The statue that was unveiled in May 2021, is constructed entirely of steel and stands 3 metres tall, 4.89 metres wide and 2 metres deep. It is placed in Stade Roland-Garros in Paris France, and it shows Nadal playing with his signature intensity.

Just amazing.



Jordi Diez Fernandez

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