Peter’s new game

Haida Tribe is a new game that was invented by a 10 years old kid living in the USA. His grandmother sent it to us and we are so happy we can present it to you. The game inventor’s name is Peter Bogdanos! Thank you so much Peter. The Virtual Kids Gallery is here to welcome all your new ideas! We are looking forward to the new entries!

Let your kids make their own games

Have in mind that children get the most satisfaction from a game which they have made themselves – even if it’s just a simple board game. Your part is so easy: Just try to step back a bit if you can and let them lead with their imagination if at all possible. The ideas and rules they come up with might not be conventional, but they will enjoy the game all the more and learn more from the experience if you give them at least some free rein!

Keep visiting our site The Virtual Kids Gallery and keep sending us your work.

And don’t forget: Spread kids art all over the world! We are here to do that!

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