Poetry broadens children’s realities

Is Poetry powerful in the contemporary world? We believe it is! And undoubtedly Poetry has a way of engaging children right from the start.
Charlotte Hacking, judge of the Centre for Literacy in Primary Poetry Awards, argues that <<Well-chosen poems can help inspire children to become writers themselves. They often gain a sense of voice, and think carefully about their subject matter, language, grammar and style through writing poetry of their own>>.
It’ true that writing poems encourages children to reflect on their experience, recreate it, and shape it using their own voice.
Poetry gives the children an increasingly rare opportunity to express thoughts, feelings and ideas about their world. So encourage your kids to reading poetry, recite some by heart, and why not write their own poems?

The Virtual Kids Reality is welcoming new poems written in any language! Send your poems to The Virtual Kids Gallery -> send your art section and see them translated in English, Spanish.


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