The importance of Art in a family

Art and creativity are vital to kids’ development, we all know that! That’s why it really helps that those two elements start at home. There are lot of experts who argue that «Artful living where families are constantly engaged in art together experience plenty of benefits».
But what do parents think?
For many parents, it is about connecting with their kids over an art activity. For others, it is about fostering creativity and outside-the-box thinking. For some, it is about communicating. They are all so right.
On top of that we will add some more:
• Doing art as a family encourages quality time: it is purely understandable that weekdays are reserved for work and school. But during the weekends, art becomes a great way for your family to have that well-deserved quality time together. A good idea to is divide a whole artwork into different canvases and let each member finish their assigned portion.
• You get to know your family better: Since artworks are unique from one another and it is a reflection of the person who created it. Sometimes, it is what we do not communicate verbally that best expresses who we are and what are true selves are like.
You’d be surprised and grateful at the same to get to know your family in a different way!
• A great start to a better future for the kids: If you think a family member has a unique talent in the arts, encourage family art sessions as often as you could! Nothing can match the inspiration and guidance a family can give a family member who wants to be an artist someday.

More importantly, by working together round the same table, you create strong family memories. You can argue that Art is one kind of a glue that can keep families together.


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