The most famous graffiti art of all time

The most famous graffiti artwork of all time, is the Balloon Girl, that it was made by the famous street and graffiti artist Bansky. It shows a young girl with her hair and dress blowing forward, reaching for a heart-shaped balloon that’s being blown away.
In 2014, the mural was removed from the east London shop it was created on and sold for £500,000. In 2015, a print of the image sold for £56,250. And in 2017, a poll showed that it was the United Kingdom’s favorite artwork. All of these accomplishments are incredible for a bit of graffiti.
We were really astonished when we received a nice drawing from a little artist! She has made a Bansky style girl with a balloon.
Have a try and draw your piece of Bansky style Art and then send it to The Virtual Kids Gallery -> send your art section!


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