Welcome to The Virtual Kids Gallery

Welcome to The Virtual Kids Gallery, made for, with, and by kids!

We ’re excited to share and discover Kids Art with you! Whether you ’re in Europe, Asia, Australia, the American Continent, across the globe, you ’ll get to:

  • Explore The first ever globaly Virtual Gallery just for kids!
  • Watch  videos that are made by kids just like you.
  • Learn interesting facts about famous painters, artists, poets and their work.
  • Interact through our forum.
  • Play our jigsaw puzzle games that are made from your own art or other kids art in our gallery.
  • Try out creative projects at home or in the galleries
  • Stay up-to-date with our fb page The Virtual Kids Gallery.

The Virtual Kids Gallery has been inspired, tested, and approved by real kids ages 3–15. We think that everyone can learn something from a kid-friendly explanation, and especially from the questions you are bold enough to ask.

We are always here for you, collecting your art and spread kids art all over the world!

Be part of it!

The Virtual Kids Gallery

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